40. Leave a Lasting Legacy

40. Leave a Lasting Legacy

Inside the Wolf's Den Podcast
40. Leave a Lasting Legacy

Today, we welcome Tim Bratz, the Founder, and CEO of Legacy Wealth Holdings, to the Wolf’s Den studio. Legacy Wealth Holdings is a leading commercial real estate investment company specializing in developing and holding apartment buildings, self-storage facilities, vacation rentals, and many other commercial real estate investments in 12 states. In addition, Tim offers coaching and mentoring sessions with seasoned Legacy Wealth Holdings associates that give real estate investing businesses the insight and direction they need to scale their companies successfully. Tim is also the founder of Little Legacy Library. Little Legacy Library is on a mission to instill success principles in our youth from an early age. Little Legacy Library children’s books teach children valuable life skills and enable them to challenge the status quo and never stop improving.

Commercial Real Estate Investing – LegacyWealthHoldings.com

Coaching & Mentoring – LegacyWealthHoldings.com/coaching

Children’s Achievement Books – LittleLegacyLibrary.com