87. The Wolf’s Power Play – Emotional Intelligence&nbsp

87. The Wolf’s Power Play – Emotional Intelligence&nbsp

In this episode, Shawn and Joni launch another quick Wolf’s Power Play. These are intended to be short motivational and inspiring podcasts to help you push through and keep working on your journey of success, whatever that is to you. Today, the two successful entrepreneurs, huge self-awareness proponents, discuss how they continually work to improve their emotional intelligence. 2021 has been a tough year and possibly even more complicated than 2020 was. It was highly unpredictable and challenging to run several businesses at once. It was also a year of loss, a year of ups and downs, failures, poor decisions, and employee turnover. So how did Shawn and Joni handle it? Well, they didn’t panic. Instead, they stayed true to the course and mission, kept their emotions in line, and showed up each day to be there for the team and lead them through troubling times. 

Learn the steps Shawn and Joni take when they suffer a business or personal loss, unexpected event, or sudden situation: 

1. Pray, lift it, ask for guidance, clarity, and help.  

2. Stay calm, don’t make any sudden decisions, give yourself time to process. 

3. Take time to assess the situation, analyze, journal, or write your emotions, thoughts, and ideas. 

4. Walk or exercise: Get the blood flowing.  

5. Once things are settled, and the shock emotions have dissipated, speak with someone, talk it through with a partner, trusted friend, or colleague.

6. Time to build a plan. Be patient and give it time. Your subconscious mind will be working on it, and you will get ideas sometimes days later.  

7. Time to execute your plan and take action!